Laboratorium Tanah Investigasi TN -110

Laboratorium Tanah Investigasi TN -110

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ASTM D.1586 & AASHTO T.206

For driving a split barrel sampler to obtain a representative soil sample and a measure of the resistance of the soil to penetration of the sampler and N SPT result is the number of blow during the last foot of penetration.

Specification :

TN -110.1    Split Barrel Sampler  Hardened machined steel 13/8’’ length   1  pcs

TN -110.2    Sampling Rod           Steel pipe, 1.5 m length                            10 pcs

TN -110.3    Drive Weight             63.5 kg weight hammer                             1   pc

TN -110.4    Anvil                           Machine Steel                                            1   pc

TN -110.5    Guide Rod                 76.2 cm  drop height                                 1   pc

TN -110.6    Tripod Stand             Steel pipe 6 m height                                1   set

TN -110.7    Pulley                         20 cm dia                                                    1   pc

TN -110.8    Rope                          ¾ ‘’ dia                                                        15 mtr

TN -110.9    Adaptor                      Machined Steel                                          1   pc

AB -059/4    Pipe Wrench              24’’ length                                                   2   pcs

AB -055/1    Steel wire Brush         Wooden Handle                                        1   pc


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