Laboratorium Tanah TN -210

Laboratorium Tanah TN -210

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ASTM D.1883 & AASHTO T.193

The California Bearing Ratio or CBR test as it is usually termed is an empirical test which was first developed in California USA, for estimating the bearing value of highway sub base and sub grade, hence its name. the test follows a standarised procedure and there is little different between BS and ASTM test.

Specification :

TN -210.1    Mechanical Loading  Steel frame, hand operated, two  Pressure  speeds 10.000 lbs cap, supplied  with dial  1   set

TN -210.2    CBR Mold  Machined steel 6’’ i.d 7’’height  2’’ height of collar 3   pcs

TN -210.3   Spacer Dish   Machined steel 5 – 15/16’’dia, 2.416’’height    1   pc

TN -210.4    Cutting Edge Machine steel , Sharp edge 1   pc

TN -220.5    Circular Surcharge Weight  Machine steel , 5 – 7/8’’ dia, 5 lbs weight 3   pcs

TN -210.6    Slotted Surcharge Weight  Machine steel , 5 – 7/8’’ dia, 5 lbs weight 3   pcs

TN -210.7    Modified proctor hammer  Machine steel , 18’’ drop height 10 lbs weight 1   pc

AB -001/6    Proving Ring  6000 lbs capacity  1   set

AB -014.4    Square Pan Galvanized steel 65 x 65 x 7.5 cm        1   pc

AB -017/1    Tin Box Alumunium, 60 gr capacity  12 pcs

AB -018/6    Graduated Cylinder 1000 ml capacity  1   pc

AB -047/2    Scoop  Cast Aluminium  1   pc

AB -051/1    Trowel Pointed type 1   pc

AB -053/1    Straight Edge 300 mm  length  1   pc


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