Laboratorium Tanah TN -130

Laboratorium Tanah TN -130

Alat Laboratorium Teknik Sipil Tanah – Distributor Alat Lab Teknik Sipil – Jual Lab Teknik Sipil – Harga Lab Teknik Sipil – Jika anda ada kebutuhan untuk alat laboratorium teknik sipil bias hubungi kami yang berada di lokasi Jakarta, dapatkan penawaran harga jual alat lab teknik sipil terbaik, alat laboratorium ini untuk mengukur alat alat sipil dari segi akurasi yang akurat.



ASTM D.4318 & AASHTO T.89

Soil index properties are used extensively by engineers to discriminate between the different kind of soil within a broad category clay will exhibit a wide of engineering properties depending upon its composition, classification on test to determine index properties.

Specification Laboratorium Tanah TN -130 & Laboratorium Tanah TN -130E:

TN -130.1    Liquid Limit Device  – Hand operated, brass cup, rubber base – 1  set

TN -130.2    ASTM Grooving tool – Machine steel, head gauge – 1  pc

TN -130.3    Cassagrande Grooving Tool Brass plate – 1   pc

TN -130.4    Glass Plate – Glass, 10 mm thick, 30 x 30 cm  – 1   pc

AB -017/1     Tin Box  – Alumunium 60 gr capacity – 12 pcs

AB -018/3     Graduated Cylinder  – 100 ml capacity  –  1   pc

AB -029/2     Evaporating Dish  –   12 cm dia. 250 ml capacity  – 1   pc

AB -048/1    Spatulla – 150 mm blade – 1   pc



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