Laboratorium Tanah TN -230

Laboratorium Tanah TN -230

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ASTM D.2435 & AASHTO T.216

The one dimensional consolidation test is used for the determination characteristics of soils of low permeability. Test are carried out on specimens prepared from undisturbed samples. Data obtained from these tests together with classification data and a knowledge of the soils loading history, enables estimate to be made of the behaviour of foundation under load

Specification :

TN -230.1    Consolidation frame  welded steel, 2 test unit, 1:10 lever ratio  3   set

TN -230.2    Consolidometer  Brass, 65 mm sample dia, porous stone   3   set

TN -230.3    Loads  Slotted, machined steel 830 gr            6   pcs

Slotted, machined steel 1660 gr          3   pcs

Slotted, machined steel 3320 gr          3   pcs

Slotted, machined steel 6640 gr          3   pcs

Slotted, machined steel 13280 gr        3   pcs

TN -230.4    Sample Tube Machined steel, 65 mm dia plated, With extruder 3   set

AB -002/4    Dial Indicator Range 10 mm x 0.01 mm   3   pcs

AB -058/1    Wire Saw 10 cm  length  3   pcs


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