Laboratorium Aspal AS -180

Laboratorium Aspal AS -180

Alat Laboratorium Teknik Sipil Aspal AS 180 – Distributor Alat Lab Teknik Sipil – Jual Lab Teknik Sipil – Harga Lab Teknik Sipil – Jika anda ada kebutuhan untuk alat laboratorium teknik sipil bisa hubungi kami yang berada di lokasi Jakarta, dapatkan penawaran harga jual alat lab teknik sipil terbaik, alat laboratorium ini untuk mengukur alat alat sipil dari segi akurasi yang akurat.



ASTM D.1559 & AASHTO T.245

The correct design and physical testing of bituminous mixtures for roads and airfields is important if sound, durable pavements are to be constructed economically, and to ensure minimum maintenance during the design life of the pavement. The Marshall apparatus for measuring the resistance to plastic flow of cylindrical specimen of bituminous paving mixture loaded on the lateral surface.

Specification Alat Laboratorium Teknik Sipil AS 180 Marshall Test :

AS -180.1    Compression Machine  Steel frame, electric 220 V-AC, 1 HP,  1 phase, speed 2” per minutes 1 Set

AS -180.2    Compaction Mold  Machined steel, plated 4” dia 3” high with collar and base plate 1 Set

AS -180.3    Stability Mold Cast aluminium, split type 4” i.d 4” wide 1 Set

AS -180.4    Compaction Hammer  Machined steel, plated 10 lbs, hammer weight 18” drop height 1 Set

AS -180.5    Compaction Pedestal Wooden base with steel platen  1 Set

AS -180.6    Compaction Mold Holder Machined steel, quick clamping system 1 Set

AS -180.7    Extruder  Steel frame, hydraulic system  1 Set

AS -180.8    Flow Meter  Cast aluminium, clamping bolt, with dial indicator 30 x 0,01 mm 1 Set

AS -180.9    Water Bath Stainless steel, water heater 220 V-AC  thermostat 30-850 C  1 Set

AB -001/6    Proving Ring 6000 lbs capacity  1 Set


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